Millennial Sonogram

A sketch written by Olivia Sanabria, starring Noah and Steve Friedman, produced by Sanborn Productions


A sketch comedy show written and produced by REVOLT. Directed by Emily Brown. Filmed by Colin Bell, Kathryn Herz, & Joe Piro.

Episodes of the podcast Stride and Saunter: Hosted by Kip Clark, Feat. Olivia Sanabria

Promo for the Boston University Senior Showcase: Tell us about your Snapchat Sister

Directed and edited by David J. Castillo, Shot by Melissa Flowers

Cold Open on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Directed by Paul Dinello, Starring Olivia Sanabria and Jordan Drutman


Parody of the best scene in Napoleon Dynamite for a Boston University fundraiser

Directed, edited, and starring Olivia Sanabria, Shot by Jackie Bowes

Promo for "An Actor Peppers," a fiery fundraiser

Directed, edited, and starring Olivia Sanabria Featuring Rob Peterson, Lourdes Martinez, and Jesse Richardson-Bull